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Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is a security feature in which you provide two means of identification to log into your account. If enabled, you'll log into your account with your username and password and then be prompted to enter a One-Time Password. (Please note that this feature is only available on our billing panel at this time)

In order to use Two-Factor Authentication, you need a TOTP token. If you have an Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device, your phone can act as your token and provide the necessary One-Time Password.

  • Download an Authenticator for your device:

  • Visit and click on the Authentication Tab followed by ticking the Enable Two-Factor Authentication box.
  • Open the App, and scan the QR code below, or alternatively, enter your unique key.
  • Confirm your One-Time Password, then click "Update My Information". You'll be required to enter your One-Time Password/Code the next time you log in.
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