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Using Workshop Collections and it's maps with your CSGO Server

How configure your CSGO server to use a workshop collection and it's maps with your CSGO Server

To use workshop maps with your CSGO server, you will need 2 pieces of information.

  1. The Workshop Collection ID
  2. The Starting Map ID

To grab these pieces of information, they can be obtained from the URL of the steam workshop page.

Workshop Collection:
Starting Map ID:

The text highlighted in red are the IDs you will be using for your configuration.

Now that you have your 2 IDs, log onto our game panel and select the server you wish to configure.
In the "Settings" page, you should see 2 fields.

  1. Workshop Collection
  2. Workshop Start Map

Fill in the relevant information and restart your server.

NOTE: please remember to set the Workshop Collection if setting the Start Map or your server will not run

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