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Panel Overview

When you first login the game panel at you are greeted with your user information, list of servers and recent events that have taken place. On this screen you can add sub-users and change your panel information.
To access one of your servers simply click manage on the server you want to goto.

After going into the individual server page you are presented with a range of options to manage your server.
These include:

  • Starting/Stopping
  • Console
  • Rcon
  • Settings
  • Addons
  • Updating
  • FTP and QuickEdit.
    From this page you can also see your servers ip and information on player numbers and current map.

Going into settings allows you to do a range of actions which varies for different games. A few examples of what is included of the settings menu -

  • Rcon Password
  • Server Password
  • Workshop Collections, Workshop Start Maps and Auth Keys
  • Map Groups
  • Launch Map
  • Hostname
  • Launch Config, Game Mode and Game Types

The Add-ons tab gives you the option to install add-ons for the specified game if made available for quick install.
An example of a quick install add-on is for CS:GO, which is Warmod.
Simply click install and the game panel will handle the rest.

In the updates section you will find the ability to run a steam update ensuring your server is running the latest version and you're able to connect.
This will lock your server while it's running so no changes can be made during this time.

FTP tab simply provides you with the details you need to connect to the FTP server of your server to upload and change files.
QuickEdit provides you with ease of access to modify files without the needing to FTP in every time.
This is ideal for small changes like adding new admins or changing your server.cfg

Having trouble with anything? Feel free to contact our support team by submitting a ticket through the billing panel.

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