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Battalion 1944 Admin Commands

 Command  Description
 Server.Config.[CONFIG_NAME] [VALUE]  Change server config values
 Server.Restart  Restart the server
 Server.Shutdown  Shutdown the server
 Server.EndRound  Force end of the round
 Server.Pause  Pause / Unpause the game
 Server.WinRound  Force win of the round
 Server.LoseRound  Force lose of the round
 Server.LoadNextGame  Load the next map / mode
 Server.ChangeMap [Map] [Mode]  Change the map and mode
 Server.Announce [MESSAGE]  Announce a message to everyone in the server
 Server.Invulnerable  Toggle to make yourself invulnerable
 Server.GiveWeapon [WEAPON NAME]  Give a specified weapon to yourself
 Server.GiveGrenade [NUM]  Give a greande to yourself
 Server.GiveSmokeGrenade [NUM]  Give a smoke to yourself
 Server.GiveAmmo [NUM]  Give ammo to yourself
 Server.DisconnectAll  Disconnect everyone from the server
 Server.AddBot [NUM]  Add a bot to the server
 Server.KillBots  Kick all bots
 Server.KickPlayerByName [NAME]  Kick player by name
 Server.KickPlayerBySteamID [ID]  Kick player by steamid
 Server.ListPartyMembers  List all party members
 Server.ChangeToTeam [0 or 1]  Change yourself to a team
 Server.State [STATE_NAME]  Change the game state to (WaitingToStart, CountdownToStart, SetupRound, PostRound, PostMatch)


Cmd.GetPlayerStats will dump out the entire session player info.

A more comprehensive guide can be found here -

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